Is it time to plan a trip with friends, family or your company? Maybe your company is going on a conference or a kick-off, or perhaps it is time for a spa trip with the girls. Is your child's school going on a trip, or is it time for an environmental change for the whole family?

There is a lot to be coordinated with a group travel, and that is why we would like to make the flight easier for you and show you the best suggestions that suits you the best!

You count as a group when you are at least 10 travellers travelling together in our route network. We offer you the possibility to fly from different cities, as long as the final destination is the same for everyone. 

To travel together is both fun and rewarding!

We can help you book your flight for:

Experience the benefits with booking a group travel with Braathens Regional Airlines:

Everyone pay 
the same price.

Book now,
pay later.

We take no 

Checked baggage
is always included.

Free cancellation 
and name change.*

*Read more about our conditions for free cancellations and name changes in the conditions below.


Here you will find our conditions, depending on how many travellers you are.

10-30 travellers  |  31 travellers or more  |  41 travellers or more  |  51 travellers or more  |  61 travellers or more

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