On May 16th 2019, the world´s most climate efficient flight landed at Bromma Stockholm Airport.

Aviation is needed, today and in the future.

We know that it is possible to fly responsibly and sustainable. That is why we took the challenge to perform The Perfect Flight!

So, how good can it get?
What is the perfect flight?

Climate optimized aviation.

With a fully booked turboprop aircraft, model ATR 72-600, Braathens Regional Airlines performed a completely climate optimized flight between Halmstad and Stockholm Bromma, to prove how climate smart we can fly with the technology today. The flight was a collaboration between Braathens Regional Airlines, the aircraft manufacturer ATR, bio fuel suppliers Air BP and Finnish Neste and Halmstad City Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport.

A reduction of 46%!

With 50% fossil free bio fuel in the tank, an optimized flight altitude, a slower approach, the straightest flight path and the fact that ATR 72 already is a very fuel efficient aircraft, Braathens Regional Airlines managed to reduce the fossil  emissions of carbon dioxide with 46% compared to the same flight with fossil fuel!

"Like we have always said: it is the emissions from flying that need to decrease, not flying, and that is exactly what we proved is possible with today's flight." 

Anna Soltorp,
Head of Sustainability at Braathens Regional Airlines.

The Perfect Flight:

46% reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide compared to the same flight with fossil fuel

Fossil emissions: 34 gram carbon dioxide/km/passenger

To compare with:
Emissions during an ordinary Braathens Regional Airlines flight: 73 gram carbon dioxide/km/passenger
The Swedish emissions limit for a green car: 95 gram carbon dioxide/km
Emissions limit for a super green car: 50 gram carbon dioxide/km

The climate work of Braathens Regional Airlines.

2009: ISO 14001-certified
2016: The most climate efficient aircrafts - ATR
2018: All travellers can choose fossil free bio fuel
2018: Joins the government initiative Fossile free Sweden
2019: Carbon offset for all of our flights
2019: Launching Green Class
2019: Letter of intent signed for electric aircrafts
2019: Performs The Perfect Flight

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