Here are a few simple tips on what you can do to reduce your own environment and climate impact:

Travel together - Take the airport bus to and from the airport! If you have to go by car, choose to car-pool if possible, or choose a green taxi.

Pack light - If you need to travel with a bigger baggage, note that for every kilo you cut from your bag, you contribute to less carbon dioxide being consumed at the aircraft. Do not forget to pack your carry-on baggage right, to reduce the amount of waste ending up in the security check.

The newspaper - Only take as many newspapers that you actually will read when boarding the aircraft, and leave it in the newpaper recycling after the flight. The cabin crew will give you instructions on where to put it.

Green taxi – Choose a green taxi when booking. From Bromma, you can glide in a Tesla S electric car with Taxi Stockholm's premium services. 

The rental car - If you have to rent a car at the airport, choose the smaller, fuel-efficient car model. Try a green car!

Save energy 
- Do not forget to turn off the lights when leaving the hotel room or the office. Do not forget to avoid stand by-mode on your TV or DVD, and you can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 300 kilos per year. 

Reduce the laundry
 - Re-use the towels at the hotel when possible.

Save water - Choose tap water instead of bottled water that are transported a long way. Take quick and effective showers. Two people showering for 20 minutes each day consumes approximately 6000 kWh in a year - that is as much as all household electricity for one family!

The food - Eat vegetarian as often as you can. A vegetarian meal is supposed to contribute to less than half the size of greenhouse emissions as a meal with meat. 

Fly with bio fuel – Use your bonus points to buy bio fuel or buy it for only 300 SEK when booking your ticket.