At Braathens Regional Airlines, we work hard to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. One way to do that, is to carbon offset for all of our flights and for our entire operation. And it is included in your flight ticket, of course, without any extra charges! Together with Natural Capital Partners, a company with many years of experience to run these kinds of projects. 

We chose to invest in renewable energy production and bio energy through a Gold Standard certified wind power project in Turkey combined with a VCS certified (Verified Carbon Standard) wind power project in India where they need to meet an increased demand for electricity.

See Certificate of Purchase from Natural Capital Partners

Jath Wind VCS Certificate

Soma Wind - Gold Standard

Receipt 1 Jath Wind VCS Certificate

Receipt 2 Jath Wind VCS Certificate

Receipt 3 Jath Wind VCS Certificate

About the projects:

By replacing electricity from fossil sources with fossil free electricity production, the wind power facilities reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition to that, the air quality is improved and the amount of waste from coal mining do not occur. The projects also creates job opportunities locally and causes improvements in the local infrastructure. 

In Soma in Turkey, we invest in a Gold Standard certified wind power project that delivers renewable electricity with zero emissions to Turkey´s national grid. An important support for a transition into renewable energy, to try to reduce the country's import of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. In Jath in India, we invest in a wind power project that delivers renewable energy with zero emissions to India's northens, eastern, western and north eastern grid. This makes the project replaces electricity that otherwise would have come from fossil fuel power stations.

Do you want to fly greener?

Choose Green Class.
For only 300 SEK extra, you buy fossil free biofuel, and carbon offset is also included, of course. 


Natural Capital Partners

Natural Capital Partners works with clients such as Microsoft, H&M and Elopak that wishes to combine a successful business enterprise with a positive effect on the environment and society. Via collaboration with global project partners, developing innovative solutions and through an understandin for the customers specific need, Natural Capital Partners delivers solutions that contains renewable energy, reduction of fossil emissions, water administration and an increased biological diversity.

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