Book a flight in Green Class

A transition to bio fuel in aviation, reduces our climatic effect substantially and makes are flight one of the most effective amongst national personal transportations.

Every passenger can add bio fuel to an extra cost when booking a ticket. This way, the passengers assure that flying becomes as green as possible.  

The add-on is only the difference in price for the bio fuel, since it is approximately five times more expensive than regular fuel. We do not take any extra charges. 

This is how it works

  • For the unity price of 300 SEK per flight, fossil jet fuel is afterwards changed to bio fuel equal to the volume of fuel used during an average flight (1 hour). 

  • The bio fuel is filled in an ordinary tank installation at an airport where Braathens Regional Airlines is operating, which brings it into the system of fuel for aviation in Sweden. 

  • By doing this, Braathens Regional Airlines contributes to fossil fuel, that would be tanked by us and other airlines, becomes bio fuel instead. The same way as the model for green electricity. 

  • In this way, we and our passengers contributes to a reduction of the fossil emissions of carbon dioxide. 

  • The airports infrastructure around flight fuel and refuelling of airplanes, means that no airlines have their own fuel pumps. 

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Book a flight in Green Class

Punch Card Green Class

Our punch cards in Green Class is a discounted alternative for businesses and people that travel a lot on one or more destinations and what wants to make their flights greener.

In a punch card in Green Class, bio fuel and carbon offset is included. The punch cards need to be paid for in advance and is valid during one year from the purchase date.  

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Annual Card Green Class

With our annual cards, you can travel unlimited on all of our destinations to a fixed price. With an annual card in Green Class, you purchase 100% fossil free bio fuel (100 average domestic flights fueled with 100% bio fuel) and carbon offset is included.

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When you want to travel greener.

We have made it even easier for you who want to fly greener. Buy the number of flights that you wish to fly in Green Class in advance. In Green Class, you buy 100% fossil free bio fuel* and carbon offset is included. Then you can book your flights as usual. 

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* Bio fuel to a cost of 300 SEK per leg equals the fuel consumption for one passenger at an average domestic flight with Braathens Regional Airlines. To fuel and fly with bio fuel, reduces the fossil emissions. Every kilo of bio fuel, reduces the fossil emissions of carbon diaoxide with approximately 70%.

All members of BRA Vänner can exchange their bonus points for bio fuel.

To fuel and fly with bio fuel, reduces the fossil emissions. Every kilo of bio fuel, reduces the fossil emissions of carbon diaoxide with approximately 70%.

Fuel with bio fuel

Choose Green Class

For no more than 300 SEK, you can buy fossil free bio fuel. In addition to that, carbon offsetting is included. Great news for you who want to fly greener. 

Green Class

More about our work for a greener domestic flight

  • In 2016/17, we exchanged our old aircraft fleet for the world's most climate effective aircraft type for domestic flights: the turboprop aircraft ATR 500/600.
  • The turboprop aircrafts fly 19 of our 23 domestic flight lines today. 
  • There are no high-altitude effects from the emissions from Braathens Regional Airlines turboprop aircrafts - they do not fly that high. The aircrafts are flying at an altitude of approximately 6000 meters. High-altitudes effects are created at altitudes higher than 8000-9000 meters.
  • The straightest flight route reduces flight time and emissions. At the same time, flight paths are a question for authorities. We always fly as straight as possible.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines was environment certified in 2009, as the world's first passenger airline, under the name Malmö Aviation and Sverigeflyg. After a merge, they are today a part of the airline Braathens Regional Airlines.
  • We believe a fossil free domestic flight is possible in 2030. Our sub target on that journey is to cut the emissions per passenger in half until 2025, from 2015.
  • In March 2018, we were granted membership in the government initiative Fossil free Sweden.
  • All of Braathens Regional Airlines own business trips are made with 5% bio fuel.
  • In 2018, we launched the possibility to buy fossil free bio fuel when booking a ticket with us.
  • From April 2019, we carbon offset our entire business.


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