When it is time for that important away game, the yearly training camp or that contest trip, you can book a flight with Braathens Regional Airlines to beneficial sports prices!

Be believe in simplicity. That is why we want to make the flight with easier with Braathens Regional Airlines sports prices for you connected to a sports association and are flying to your sports arrangement. Regardless if you are flying by yourself or with the whole team!

We offer several departures and fast transfers via Stockholm Bromma Airport, we will take you where you want, when it suits you. In addition to that, carbon offset is included in all our flights. We think that this is good for you. We know it is good for Sweden.

Experience the benefits with flying with Braathens Regional Airlines:

Book now,
pay later.

We take no 

Different points of departure, 
same final destination.

Free name changes 
up until departure.

Braathens Regional Airlines for Swedish sports.

Fly to sports prices when you have:

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Idrottspris  |  Idrottspris Grupp

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