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A good way to keep in touch with you loved ones: travel to them fast and easy with us via Bromma Stockholm Airport. Even better: travel somewhere together! Our senior prices make it easier to travel all over our country. Choose between 14 destinations in Sweden.

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You always get this, travelling with Braathens Regional Airlines:

0 SEK - Newspapers on several departures
0 SEK - Checked baggage up to 23 kg 
0 SEK - Free seating 
0 SEK - Customer service via telephone, chat or email
0 SEK - Carry-on baggage, one bag maximum 8 kg
0 SEK - Special baggage up too 20 kg (for example bicycle or equipment for golf, skiing or diving)
0 SEK - Children 0-23 months. On all domestic flights. 10 kg extra baggage weight/child.
0 SEK - Baby stroller up to 32 kg, in excess of other baggage

Ticket rules for senior tickets


Senior ticket

Payment At booking.
Full refund when cancelling withing 24 hours from the time of booking. When booking with departure within 24 hours, you will get a refund when cancelling at least 12 hours prior to departure.
Ticketing At booking.
Change of booking Yes, for a cost of 350 SEK per single trip in the same ticket class. The ticket is counted as used (no refund, that is) if you have not rebooked the ticket no later than 30 minutes prior to departure. 
Refund Only at sickness if the cancellation insurance is purchased and the original doctor's certificate is provided (should be sent in within 30 days to
Validity period 2 months. 
Special demand Valid for one person over 65 years, early retirement and people with disabilities/handicap allowance.

The traveller needs to be able to show a valid identification or a certificate from the health insurance office. If he/she fails to provide this, he/she will be denied travel and the ticket is used.
Not cancelled/No show The ticket is counted as used (no refund, that is) if you have not checked in, rebooked or cancelled it no later than 30 minutes prior to departure.
Children's discount No. Children (2-11 years) pay the same price as the companied traveller. The whole trip needs to be done together.
Bonus points per flight 250