At Braathens Regional Airlines, we have never had different classes onboard our aircrafts. We think flying with us is pretty good anyway. But we have made an exception with a class for the most important thing we have got - our environment. We call it Green Class and it is for those wanting to fly greener. 

Surely there are those saying that the best thing for the environment is to stop flying all together. But we know that we are needed. People, businessmen and families need to fly once in a while to keep in contact, do business and spend time together. Sometimes it is important to go across our oblong country fast and easy.

We also know that we need to reduce the flight's climate footprint. Today, domestic aviation stands for approximately 1% of Sweden's fossil carbon dioxide emissions.

At Braathens Regional Airlines we have one simple goal: flying should be fossil free in 2030.

Our journey to reach that goal has already started.
Our new turboprop planes are the most climate efficient on the market. With bio fuel in the tanks, we are reducing the fossil carbon dioxide emissions with up to 70%. We are also looking into the totally electric airplanes as an exciting alternative for the future.

But you can already fly greener today. When choosing Green Class, you are buying fossil free bio fuel.

Welcome aboard!

Bio fuel

Bio fuel: In Green Class, you are buying fossil free bio fuel to reduce the fossil carbon dioxide emissions. The benefit with bio fuel, compared to regular jet fuel, is that there is no net increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

For greener companies

We have made it easier for companies wanting to fly greener. Buy the number of trips you wish to do in Green Class in advance. Then you can book your trips just as usual.

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This is how it works

  • For the unity price of 300 SEK per flight, fossile jet fuel is afterwards exchanged for bio fuel equal to the amount used for an average flight with Braathens Regional Airlines (1 hour). 
  • The bio fuel is topped up in an ordinary tank installation at an airport where Braathens Regional Airlines operates, and this gets it into the system for fuel for Swedish aviation.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines makes sure that fossil fuel, that would be fueled by us and other airlines, is bio fuel instead. Exactly the same as the model for green electricity.
  • In this way, we and our passengers contribute to a reduction of the fossil emissions of carbon dioxide.
  • The airports infrastructure around aviation fuel and fuelling aircrafts means that no airline has their own fuel pumps.

...that for every liter of fossil free bio fuel, the fossil emissions of carbon dioxide are reduced with approximately 70%?

...that we fly at altitudes under 8000 meters to avoid so called high-altitude effects?

...that we prioritize Eco and Fair Trade products and that we separate materials onboard to reduce our environmental footprint?

...that we are going through all of our serving materials onboard to change it to more environmental friendly alternatives?

For a fossil free domestic aviation in 2030!

The sustainability work at Braathens Regional Airlines started in 2009, and is still an ongoing process!