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Our reconstruction is finished – We are now preparing for a start-up!

We are very happy to announce that from September 8th we have put a successful company reconstruction behind us. We would like to thank all our customers, colleagues and partners who have supported us over the past six months and really believed in our future!

We are now preparing for the goal of having the first aircraft in the air by the end of September or beginning of October. We will begin flying chartered flights and later begin our first regular flights. We will start by opening a small number of routes and then gradually increase the number of routes after that. The demand for flights is still relatively weak, but we will be ready as soon as the market and demand for flights is higher. Our assumption right now is that we will start flying regular flights during the fourth quarter this year. We will keep our website updated so keep your eyes open!

We look forward to meet you all up in the air soon!

Greetings from Braathens Regional Airlines