A lot for your bonus points!

A soccer game at the stadium, a dinner within Visby's walls, white-water rafting in the city of birches, a spa visit in Båstad or a visit by Turning Torso? We take you around Sweden for you bonus points.

Two different bonus ticket types

We have two ticket types for bonus withdrawal with Braathens Regional Airlines; B.R.A Bonus Extra and B.R.A Bonus Bas. B.R.A Bonus Extra costs a bit more in points, but has a higher availability.
To make the booking, log into your account and choose the ticket type Bonus in the booking dialogue.

  BRA Bonus Extra BRA Bonus Bas


10 000 points per one way trip.

6 000 points per one way trip.


14 000 points per one way trip.

10 000 points per one way trip.

Listed point price is for direct flights, transfer flights costs twice as much in points.
Example: Malmö - Sundsvall (via Bromma) costs 20 000 points or 16 000 points depending on ticket type.

Children between 2-11 years travel for only half the points.

The amount of spots for withdrawals of bonus trips are limited. The seat availability is dependent on departure time and demand. We reserve the right to make changes in our time table. 

Taxes and fees are added on and are paid by you, the member. 

Rebooking trips with Braathens Regional Airlines

Rebooking your ticket is free in subject to availability. It is not possible to make a name change of bonus tickets. At cancellation, no points are refunded.

Access to our lounges

As a silver member, you can visit our lounges if travelling in BRA Bonus Extra or for a cost of 2000 points/occasion. As a Gold or "Merit" member, visiting the lounges is free and you are also welcome to bring a guest into the lounge, except on business days between 4 - 6 pm in the lounge at Bromma Airport.