Special Assistance

If you are in need of special assistance during your trip with us at Braathens Regional Airlines, we are here to help you make your trip as easy and comfortable as we can! 

Travel with reduced mobility

General Information & Booking

Most passengers can fly independently with us, but in some cases a safety assistant may be needed to provide help in an emergency and to comply with safety regulations.

If you cannot move to an emergency exit during a possible evacuation, you count as mobility impaired. You can book your flight at flygbra.se, but you have to book assistance afterwards via our Customer Center.

To book assistance for passengers with reduced mobility

A booking of assistance should be made no later than 72 hours prior to departure. You are allowed to bring two mobility aids free of charge, other than your baggage. If assistance is booked later than 72 hours prior to departure, it is handled as an unannounced assistance. This means that the passenger still has the right to assistance, but a waiting time might occur due to pre-booked assistance is prioritized. 

Meeting points

At each airport, meeting points are marked, where the passenger should announce their arrival to request assistance. 

See more information at each airport's website. 


If you need assistance, you should be at check-in:
- at least 60 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights
- at least 60 minutes prior to departure for international flights

Type of assistance

Type of assistance  
WCHR Wheelchair on ramp I need a wheelchair to/from the airplane, but I can walk by myself upwards and downwards the stairs and get med to my seat.
WCHS Wheelchair up/down stairs I need a wheelchair to/from the airplane, be lifted upwards and downwards the stairs, but I can walk by myself to my seat. 
WCHC Wheelchair to cabin seat  I need a wheelchair to/from the airplane, be lifted upwards and downwards the stairs and I need to be carried to my seat.

Electronical aids

See more information about this subject at Battery driven wheelchairs 

* Space limitations and dangerous goods
** We reserve the right to deny transport of aids if there is a space limitation on-board the airplane and applicable legislation about dangerous goods (DGR).


Rights in connection with flights for people with reduced mobility (The European Parliament and Council's constitution (EG) no. 1107/2) (SWE)

Travel with an assistant

In some cases, you will need to travel with an assistant while travelling with us to help you at emergencies and to follow the safety rules. An assistant is a person that is in charge of your comfort and makes sure that you are doing well during boarding, air travel and alighting.  

You need to travel with an assistant if you:

  • are both blind and deaf.
  • not fully understand the safety instructions given by the cabin crew (verbally and visually).
  • have an intellectual disability or a development disorder that needs assistance. 
  • are in need of medical assistance on-board.
  • cannot administrate brought oxygen or other medical aids you are in need of during the flight, on your own. Rules for oxygen bottles and medical aids (SWE)

Examples of what you might need help with by an assistance:

  • put on and take off your seatbelt.
  • take out and put on your life west.
  • get to the emergency exit without assistance.
  • put on an oxygen mask.

Your assistant needs to:

  • be at least 18 years and should be seated next to you. 
  • be able to give you the help as stated above during the flight.
  • an assistant can only assist one passenger per flight and needs to buy an ordinary adult ticket.

To guarantee that you get the assistance that you need, we kindly ask you to first download and fill out the document below and then contact our Customer Center when booking your ticket. 

Information Sheet for Passengers Requiring Special Assistance DPNA

Help from our cabin crew

Please keep in mind when deciding whether you need to travel with a safety assistant that our cabin crew cannot lift you or assist you in the toilet (but they can help you get to and from the toilet).

They can help with simple preparations for a meal but won't be able to help you eat or administer medication.



Travel with a battery driven wheelchair

Braathens Regional Airlines offers the passenger the opportunity to bring battery driven wheelchairs.  

Please note that we can only transport certain types of battery driven aids, while other aids are inappropriate for transportation on-board our airplanes. Therefore, we need information from you regarding measurements, type of electrical unit and more. 

The following is applied for transportation on our flights:

  • Helping aids cannot weigh more than 32 kg.


  • Aircraft type ATR, maximum height 60 cm x width 120 cm x depth 120 cm*

Only certain types of batteries are approved for flight transportation. For more information, see below under Forms. 

*On our ATRs, we do not accept permobiles for safety reasons, due to the loading space's construction.


To guarantee that our safety rules are followed, and to ease the handling of your helping aid, it is very important that you read the information and answer a number of questions about you and your helping aid in a form. 

Please note that the form should be sent to Braathens Regional Airlines no later than three days before planned trip. 

Braathens Regional Airlines does not accept a Segway as checked baggage. We refer you to BRING for transportation. 

Oxygen and medical helping aids

Braathens Regional Airlines offers the passenger the opportunity to bring medical oxygen and other portable electronic medical helping aids.

Please note that we can only transport certain types of oxygen, while others are inappropriate for transporting on-board our airplanes. Therefore, we need all the information from you regarding measurements, content, type of electrical unit and more. 

To guarantee that our safety rules are followed, and to ease the handling of your helping aid, it is very important that you read the information and answer a number of questions about you and your helping aid in a form. 

Please note that the form should be sent to Braathens Regional Airlines no later than three days before

Rules for oxygen bottles

The following applies for transporting oxygen bottles on our flights:

  • The total gross weight of the oxygen bottles can not be more than 5 kg
  • You are not allowed to bring liquid oxygen on board.

Electronic form for transporting oxygen bottles can be found here

To travel with oxygen and portable electric medical helping aids

  1. Your medical helping aid should:
    (i) be stowed under the seat in front of you during taxi, take-off and landing, so it does not prevent the availability to or in the aisle; 
    (ii) (if used during the flight) be used in a way that it does not prevent access to emergency equipment and/or emergency exits.
  2. When the "fasten seatbelt sign" is turned off, it is allowed to use your helping aid and, at the same time, move freely in the cabin. 
  3. The user needs to make sure that the helping aid is free from oil or other petroleum products and that the unit is safe condition.
  4. The user needs to hear, see and have the opportunity to follow and act on the alarms that the helping aid kan indicate. I those cases where these demands cannot be met, the user needs to be assisted by a person who can follow these demands.
  5. The user is responsible to bring the right amount of extra batteries so that the device does not stop working during any part of the trip where the passenger has stated that he/she is in need of the helping aid. The calculation should with good margins take in consideration to possible delays during the trip. 
  6. Bring and be prepared to show "the doctor's statement" for the staff (does not apply to bringing oxygen bottles).

Other portable electronic medical helping aids (PED)

The following applies for transportation on our flights:

  • A doctor's statement should be filled in and be brought.
  • Lithium metal batteries cannot contain more than 8 grams of lithium.
  • Lithium ion batteries cannot have over 160Wh of power.
  • Extra batteries can be brought in the carry-on baggage and should be placed separate with the battery terminal covered to minimize the risk for a burnout.

Electronic form 
Information about how you travel with PED 

Document for the doctor's statement

Unaccompanied minors

Unaccompanied minors travelling domestic


Unaccompanied minors between the age of 5 and 11 are welcome to travel with Braathens Regional Airlines, if assistance has been confirmed. Contact your travel agency or book via flygbra.se.

Please note that you need to make a seperate booking per each unaccompanied minor. Unaccompanied minors can only travel directly, that is not between cities with a connecting flight on Bromma Airport. If you get the following message "Your booking couldn't be confirmed", please contact our Customer.

Please note: To allow a child between the age of 5 and 11 years to travel by themselves as unaccompanied minors (UM), or that an accompanied adult is 16 years or older. Our airport and cabin crew will take care of the child during the whole trip and will make sure it will be a safe and nice flight. 

At the time of booking an UM-trip, we need information about name, address and phone number both to the one dropping off child, and picking him/her up at both airports. 


The child has to be dropped off by relatives (noted at the time of booking) no later than 45 minutes prior to departure. 

Unaccompanied minors must have an UM-bag (acquired by us) that contains information about the booking, the child's information and who's going to pick-up the child, including their address and phone number.

Please note: The person leaving the child has to stay until the plane has taken off. 

Check-in time for unaccompanied minors

Domestic: 45 minutes prior to departure


Allowed baggage on-board/carry-on baggage is 50x40x25 cm and with a maximum weight of 8 kg.

Checked in baggage can be purchased for a fee


The child is led onto the airplane by our staff after the other passengers have gotten on board. Then the child will be placed so that the cabin crew will have supervision over him/her the whole flight. 


At arrival to the child's destination, a representative from Braathens Regional Airlines will follow the child in to the airport's meet-up point and hand over to the relatives (that has been noted at the time of booking). Please note that we do not hand over the child to anyone not written into the booking. Relatives must be able to identify themselves. 

Drop-off & Pick-up points at our airports

Airport Drop-off Pick-up
Ängelholm By the gate. In the arrival hall.
Bromma By the gate. In the arrival hall by the sign referring to the meeting point for unaccompanied minors.
Gothenburg Landvetter By the gate. Pick-up by the gate. An adult needs to collect the boarding pass in the Braathens Regional Airlines Check-in counter 20 minutes prior to arrival to make it through the security check in time and on to the gate to pick-up the child. 
Halmstad By the gate. Outside the doors to the arrival hall.
Jönköping By the check-in. Our staff at the airport follow the child through the security check and to the gate. In the arrival hall.
Kristianstad By the gate. In the arrival hall.
Kalmar By the gate. In the arrival hall.
Malmö By the gate. Outside Domestic's arrival doors. 
Östersund By the gate. In the arrival hall, by entrence 1.
Ronneby By the gate. In the arrival hall.
Sundsvall By the gate. In the arrival hall.
Trollhättan By the gate. By the baggage claim in the arrival hall.
Umeå By the gate. In the arrival hall.
Visby By the gate. In the arrival hall by designated position with "Unaccompanied minors" sign. 
Växjö By the gate. By the baggage claim in the arrival hall.

Travel to and from the airport

An unaccompanied minor cannot travel with the airport bus, taxi or flight taxi on their own. They need to be dropped off and picked up by relatives. The name and contact details of the person dropping off/picking needs to be specified at the time of booking. If the details need to be changed, you have to contact us before departure. The person dropping off/picking up the child must bring a valid ID document to the airport.

If we need to land at an alternative airport, or if the child returns to the departure airport due to weather or other technical reasons, you need to pick up/drop off the child at the alternative airport/departure airport. 

We have the right to refuse unaccompanied children to travel with us if we beforehand know that we, due to weather or other reasons, need to land at another airport. Of course you can choose to rebook to another flight or get a refund. This is with your child's safety and comfort at mind.


Unaccompanied minors travelling international

At this moment, Braathens Regional Airlines does not accept any unaccompanied minors on our international flights.

Travel with children

Traveling with Infant/Children shall be accompanied by a person who is above 16 years or with their guardian

Travel with infants, 0-23 months

Children under the age of 2 years travel free of charge on domestic flights, if they are seated in the lap of accompanying adult. 

If you are travelling with an infant (0-23 months) who does not have their own seat, a foldable baby stroller and a baby car seat is included. See more information about baby strollers here.

Please note that the child cannot have turned 2 years at the time of departure. 

Travel alone with two children under the age of 2 years

An adult can travel with up to two children under the age of two years. If you are travelling alone with two children under the age of 2 years, one of the children sits in your lap and one of them must be seated in their own seat and in a reversed baby car seat during the trip. One of the children travels free of charge, and the other child travels to the same price as children 2-11 years.

We only accept baby car seats with UN-standard, marked with ECR R 44 or ECE R 44. Examples of approved labels are: ActaGraco, Brio, Britax, AnatomicSittAB, Kiddy, Maxi-Cosi, Recaro, Team Tex in FR, Volvo Personvagnar AB.

Maximum measurements of the baby car seat: length 65 cm, height 45 cm.

You can book yours and your children's tickets by calling our Customer Center, since these tickets cannot be booked on our website. You do not pay any booking fee for these tickets. As an alone adult, you can only travel with two children under the age of two years on our regular ticket types B.R.A Fast, B.R.A Bas and B.R.A Extra. 


Flying while pregnant

Of course we welcome pregnant women to travel with us! The rules about flying while pregnant can be very different from airline to airline.

Week 0-35 

Pregnant women are allowed to fly up to 4 weeks prior to expected birth. The flight must be finished before starting the 4th week prior to expected birth. 

Week 36-37

When less than 4 weeks, but more than 2 weeks, to expected birth, pregnant women are only allowed to fly if they have a doctor's statement and a doctor's certificate. The flight can be no more than 4 hours long.

Week 38-40

If it is less than 2 weeks to expected birth, we do not allow the pregnant woman to fly with us.

Travel with a dog or a cat

Your dog or cat is allowed inside the cabin on our flights within Sweden. We do not allow dogs or cats on our international flights. The booking is made via your travel agency or on our website at the same time of booking the ticket. 

Is your dog or cat only travelling with you for a part of the trip? Then we kindly ask you to contact your travel agency our Customer Center directly after completed booking, and we will help you with the booking for your pet animal. 


For animals travelling in the cabin, a fee of 350 SEK per one-way/parcel is added, regardless if you are flying directly to your destination or via a flight transfer. We only allow 1 cage per passenger. Payment is made at the time of booking.

Transport and placement


Only smaller cats and dogs can travel inside the cabin, if they are kept in a cage/bag intended for animal transports. See the image below of an allowed transport cage. 

Cats and dogs should always be inside a closed cage from the moment you leave the airport terminal until you arrive to it at your destination. No part of the animal is allowed to stay outside the cage during the trip. 

Passengers with pet animals are placed in the back of the cabin, to separate them as much as possible from allergists that are placed in the front of the cabin. Animals that are transported in any other way will be denied boarding. 

Accepted cages

Braathens Regional Airlines only accepts soft transport cages for cats and dogs. The cage should also have the following functions:

  • The cage should be able to close all together.
  • The cage should have air holes for ventilation for the animal.
  • The cage should tolerate "leakage".

The measurements and weight of the cage

  • The outer measure of the cage should not exceed length 45 x width 35 x height 25 cm.
  • The weight of the animal, including the cage, cannot be more than 8 kg.

Amount of animals in the same cage

In those cases where two animals know each other well, and they do not weigh more than 8 kg together, then can be transported in the same cage on our domestic flights.

Number of carry on items

The animal and the cage are considered as your carry-on baggage and you cannot bring additional carry-on baggage. 

Pet animals in the baggage compartment (AVIH) 

Braathens Regional Airlines do not accept transportation of animals in the baggage compartment (AVIH), because the baggage compartment is not heated. 

Guide/rescue/narcotic/bomb dog

If you are dependent on a guide dog or if you are a dog handler with a rescue, narcotic, bomb or ammunition seeking dog, you can bring the dog free of charge. These animals are excepted from the weight restrictions and the demands on the cage/bag. 

Travel with cast

Information regarding flying with cast

This is information containing restrictions regarding flying with cast on Braathens Regional Airlines's domestic- and international flights.

Cast with a splint

It is fine to fly with a cast with a splint. No restrictions.


Cast with a splint

Closed cast

For closed cast, that covers the leg or arm all around (fully covered), the following restrictions are applicable:

  • The closed cast must have been fitted for more than 24 hours to be transported without limitations.

    Although we always recommend splitting the cast open before travelling with flights. This is due to protect the passenger with closed cast from the unpleasant swelling that might occur in-flight.

  • A written statement from a doctor claiming that the passenger can travel in a pressured cabin, have to be presented at check-in.
  • The passenger have to be able to sit down with the leg in a bent position with seatbelt fastened the entire flight.

    We do not accept patient transports on our flights since we cannot offer passengers with their legs in closed casts enough space to keep the leg out straight.

  • Keep in mind that assistance on the airport must be ordered at least 72 hours before departure, in order for making sure the airport personnel can be able to assist.
  • If the closed cast has been fitted less than 24 hours, it must be split open and separated before departure.

Closed cast

Stretcher transport

We do not accept stretcher transports on our flights. 

Special assistance international flights

Braathens Regional Airlines does not offer following services on international flights:

  • Pet in cabin
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Travel with weapon


Guide-/ Assistance-/ or Service dog

If you are travelling with any of the above mentioned dogs, you can bring it along for free both on domestic and international flights. These animals are exempted from weight restrictions and container/cage requirements.

In order to travel with one of the dogs mentioned above (which go under the term SVAN), you must always book the animal in advance. At check-in, you present an ID document as below:

  • Guide dog must have a certificate (ID document) and wear a harness that proves the dogs function.
  • Assistance dogs must be trained by one of the organizations below and carry a certificate with them during the trip (ID document) 
    • Svenska Brukshundsklubben
    • Svenska Service & Signalförbundet
    • Or organizations connected to Assistance Dogs international - ADI/ Assistance Dogs Europe - ADE

The dog must wear their "ASSISTANCE DOG" vest during the entire journey.

  • Service dog is certified by the officials ID card.

If you do not bring the correct document, we have the right to refuse your trip with dog.