After your Trip

How can I make a claim?

Do you have any thoughts about your trip with us? Or did it not go as planned?

You are always welcome to send us both positive feedback and feedback on situations where everything didn't go according to plan. Your opinions are important to us and we would love to take part of your experience, since your feedback contributes to Braathens Regional Airlines having the most satisfied customers in the future as well.

For us to be able to handle your claim case, possible claims for refund, feedback or such correctly, you need to register a case via the form linked below. The claim needs to be us at hand no later than 2 months after arrival. 

If you were several people that travelled together, you can send in one collective claim for all travellers. Send us only one registration for your whole case, and kindly describe your case as detailed as possible in the box for "free text/message". 

Send your feedback via our claims form here

What happens after you have sent in your case?

When you have sent in your case via the form, you will get a confirmation to your specified email address that we have received your registration. If you wish to send in receipts for a possible refund, remember to always write the sender on your letter, and refer to your personal case number REKXXXXXX-XXX and attach your complete bank information in the letter. Physical receipts are sent by post and electronical receipts can be sent to us by email.

The claims department will thereafter contact you for other information needed, such as a flight ticket or other. The office turnaround time for your case is 60 working days at the moment.

Traffic disruptions

Where there any traffic disruptions?

We always put safety first and when a failure indication arises, or other unexpected events, it can cause your flight to be delayed, rerouted or cancelled. Braathens Regional Airlines follows the consumer regulations within the EU (EG261/2004) that regulates the airlines responsibilities around traffic disruptions for flight passengers. For more detailed information regarding the flight passengers rights in traffic disruption, see the EU constitution EG261/2004 here. Find more information about your rights here.

Within the EU, there are rules for what flight passengers have the right to when a flight is delayed. You are covered by the rules when:

  • You are flying from an airport within the EU
  • You are flying from an airport outside the EU, to an airport within the EU with an airline that is registered in the EU, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

When travelling for free, or to a reduced ticket price not available to the public, there are no compensations or refunds. When the traffic disruption is caused by extraordinary circumstances, there are no compensations or refunds.

No claims for compensation on delays under 2 hours are accepted. For possible claims for compensation or questions regarding compensation, we kindly ask you to fill out our claims form.

Checked baggage

What happens if your baggage is damaged, delayed or lost?

Compensation for damaged, delayed or lost baggage is limited by constitutions, conventions and general conditions. Travel insurances generally have better compensation conditions and we recommend you to llok through your insurance before sending in possible claims for compensation to our reclamation department.

Before checking in your baggage, we recommend you to read through our general conditions (in Swedish). Our general conditions regulates what you are allowed to transport in your checked baggage during your trip with Braathens Regional Airlines. 

Delayed and/or lost baggage

What happens if your baggage doesn't turn up at arrival?

A registration of delayed or lost baggage needs to be made directly upon arrival at the airport, where a PIR-report (Property Irregularity Report) is written. The airport of arrival is actively searching for your baggage and as soon as the baggage is found, you will be contacted to decide when and where the baggage should be delivered. In connection with you making the report at the airport, you will get information about what applies for delayed/lost baggage. Please note that there is no compensation for delayed baggage on your return trip. Instead, apply for compensation from your insurance company. 

If your baggage is delayed and you are not situated in your hometown (where you are registered), you will only get compensation for the most necessary items in a reasonable proportion of how long the baggage has been delayed from arrival. Always ave the original receipt since receipts for expenses need to be sent to the reclamation department for a possible compensation. Please note that there are no compensation for electronics, medication, alcohol/tobacco, value documents, jewelery, money and valuable items, regardless of how long the baggage has been delayed. Compensation of possible branded items, a deduction of 50% of the purchase price will be made.

If your baggage has been lost for 21 days, you have the opportunity to claim a compensation for the content of your baggage since it is now rated as "Lost baggage". Please contact the claims department for further questions about delayed/lost baggage, and always refer to the number on your PIR/baggage-report for us to localize your registration easier. 

Read more about Delayed baggage here

Read more and make a registration for Lost baggage here

Damaged baggage

Did your baggage get damaged during your trip with us?

A report for damages baggage needs to be made directly upon arrival at the airport, when a Damage Report is made. If the damage is detected later, the baggage should be brought to the arrival airport with the baggage tag still on the bag, a boarding card or a ticket. When registrating your baggage as damaged, you will get information about what to do to get a compensation/reparation. Depending on the damage, we will primarily repair your baggage. If reparation is not possible, a compensation based on the purchase price with the correspondent age deduction will be made. If the damage on your bag is not reparable, there are replacement/swap bags at most of our aiports.

The bagage tag needs to be left on the damage baggage for a claim to be accepted. Scratches, dints, zippers, marks, dents, dirt and so on, are considered normal wear and tear and will not be compensated. The baggage should tolerate normal handling at an airport. If the packaging is evaluated as operational, no claim for compensation will be accepted. 

If the content in your baggage has been damaged without the bag/packaging itself has been affected, we recommend you to contact your insurance company.

No report is accepted if there has been more than 7 days since arrival or if the baggage tag is missing. We then refer you to your insurance company for compensation instead. Damages that cannot be derived to the airline's handling or that does not affect the baggage's function, will not be accepted. If you are checking in special baggage (baby stroller, instruments etcetera), it is your own responsibility to pack it as reliable as possible. 

Read more about Damaged baggage here

Theft from baggage

Do you suspect something is missing from your baggage?

When reporting a missing item in your baggage after picking it up at the baggage carousel, a PIR-report (Property Irregularity Report) is made at the airport. You should describe as detailed as possible what you are missing in your baggage in the report. 

If you discover that something is missing from your baggage once you come home, you can report it via our claims form on our website afterwards. The incident should be reported to the police and the police report should be sent to our claims department, together with the PIR-report and receipts for the items stolen for a possible compensation.

Please note that there is no compensation for electronics, medication, alcohol/tobacco, value documents, jewelery, money or valuable items when you suspect a theft from your baggage, since these types of items are always recommended to be placed in your carry-on baggage which you are responsible for yourself.

A copy of your ticket receipt

You will find your receipts in the menu, under Show/Change your booking. You need to be logged in to do this. 

Receipts for purchases in the lounge and at the airport

If you have made a purchase via B.R.A, for example when visiting our lounge, an event or another service at our stations, you can collect your receipt for your purchase. 

Get receipt


Items left behind on-board

If you have forgotten something on-board, you can contact the relevant airport for further information.