Adjustments due to Covid-19

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The safety and well-being of our customers and employees always has the highest priority. For us, it is important that you as a customer feel safe when you travel with us.

We have put together the most relevant health and hygiene safety measures.

We ask you to follow the authorities' general recommendations to stay at home if you feel any  symptoms of infection at all.

Restrictions and reccomendations


1. Stay home if you feel sick.

2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer when available.

3. Keep social distancing and follow instructions.

4. Follow the guidelines set by local health authorities.

Recommendations to make your travel more convinient

1 – We only allow 1 cary-on per person. Only bring the essentials on board.

2 – Arrive well ahead of scheduled and especially if you need help checking in.

3 - Remember your facemask, it´s mandatory on board.

4 - Check in online, either through our website, our App or via the email sent to you 22 hours before departure.

5 – Follow all directions at the airports regarding social distancing.


Mandatory to wear a facemask

All passengers from 6 years of age, must wear facemask on all BRA flights from boarding, during the entire flight until disembarking. Passengers without a face mask will be denied boarding.
BRA recommends that passengers bring masks in order to change the mask after four hours of use, as well as bringing along extra masks.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to bring their own face mask. BRA approves facemasks, covering mouth and nose, that are manufactured and intended for medical use, or of a similar standard. Homemade masks are not allowed. 

To make it easier to maintain a social distance at the airport and to be sure you remember the face mask, our recommendation is that you obtain your face mask before you arrive at the airport. Some airports also have requirements for face mask already when you enter the airport. Stay informed via the airport's own websites about what applies specifically to them.

You must always wear a face mask on board, except when you may be eating and drinking.

Our staff on board always wear face mask that cover the nose and mouth.


You need to be at the gate at least 10 minutes before departure.

Keep a distance at boarding time. Our staff will be available to help at boarding time and to remind you of the social distancing recommendations.

We might board just a few passengers at a time.  

Remember to wear your face mask before you go on board.


Traveling with children?

Contact our staff at the gate if you prefer to board prior other passengers.

Children younger than 6 years old are not required to wear face mask. 

help us to keep a distance at the airports

Do everything you can to keep social distancing at the airport. Keep distance in queues at check-in, security and at the gate.

On board your flight

The safety and well-being of our customers and employees always has the highest priority

Due to this, we do not offer any food or beverage on our flights at the moment.

All waste that you have brought with you on board, we ask you to bring with you when you leave the aircraft.  This is to limit the contact in connection with the handling of waste from any own consumption of food and drink on board.

The air on board

We operate with the aircraft type ATR 72-600. 

Vi flyger enbart med moderna flygplan av flygplanstypen ATR 72-600. 

ATR's aircraft system ensures that air in the cabin is blown across and vertically through the cabin. It is an advantage if ventilation for each chair seat is on as this helps to further increase the flow of fresh air, which speeds up the cycle by replacing the air on board. This cycle enables a quick and total renewal of the air on board and fresh air flows in from the outside and is replaced every 5 minutes.

Cleaning of our aircrafts

All our aircraft are cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, * EASA regulations.

* EASA is the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and is the Joint European Aviation Safety and Aviation Safety Agency.

Summary of our measures to ensure your safety and well-being on board.

  • Hand luggage is limited to one piece per traveler
  • Social distancing at check in and gate
  • New procedures at boarding and at disembarking to keep distance 
  • Mandatory to wear face mask during the entire flight, from boarding to disembarkation
  • No meal service
  • Lounges are temporarily closed
  • Access to hand sanitizer or disinfectant napkins at the airports and on board our flights
  • Modern aircrafts with good air circulation