Frequently asked questions - Common questions

I`ve heard that BRA's company reconstruction is finished, is that correct?

We are happy to announce that our company reconstruction was finished on September 8.

When do you start flying on your own?

We are ready but we still need to wait for the right time for our start-up. This time is for us when the Corona curve is going in the right direction, the authorities are releasing their restrictions and we can see that customers want to get up in the air and fly again.

What is your view at the market? What does the future look like for you?

It is very difficult to tell. Much reflects how the corona pandemic develops and what decisions about approaches respective country takes. Business travel will be significantly lower for a longer period. Leisure travel is not declining as much. It will probably take a couple of years before the market stabilizes to a new normal level that will be lower than it was before Corona.

What destinations will you fly to when you start up?

It is likely that we will start operating Malmö-Bromma, Gothenburg-Bromma, Ängelholm-Bromma, Visby-Bromma and Umeå-Bromma at first. As the market becomes stronger and demand increases in other locations, we will increase the destinations gradually.

When will you start with flights to Ronneby, Växjö, Kalmar, Halmstad, etc.?

We will start with a few routes and then expand successively with more routes, aircrafts and frequencies as soon as we can see a sufficient demand in the market. It is too early to answer specifically about the different destinations right now.

Why are you waiting to start flying regular flights?

We validate the right timing to enter the market. This is difficult to assess due to how Corona has influenced our behavior in combination with what the authorities recommend us. Our restart depends on the demand for air travel starting up again to a reasonable extent. We will be very careful before we choose to start our operation again, all to ensure that we are profitable and that we do not create overcapacity in the market.

I have requested a refund of my ticket. When can I expect to receive my refund on the ticket that´s been canceled?

By July 2021 at the latest, 25% of the ticket debt will be repaid to the customers who have applied for a refund. 25% is the composition established in the District Court. More information about repayment due to the company reconstruction between 6 April-8 September can be found at

I have received information that, due to your company reconstruction, I will only get back 25% of the ticket value. Is that correct?

Current circumstances means that BRA was forced to cancel all flights and was put into a company reconstruction on April 6, 2020. We are very sorry about this situation but have offered our customers either a refund of 25% of the ticket price or a replacement ticket. You who have paid for a flight that has been canceled have a claim on BRA on the entire purchase price for the ticket. According to the Corporate Reconstruction Act, however, BRA may not pay claims that have arisen before the reconstruction, so-called old debts, and the law does not make an exception for claims that are attributable to consumers. The payment that can be offered is the payment proposed in the agreement within the framework of the reconstruction, i.e. 25% of the claim amount.

If you do not open my destination, will I get my money back?

It is always possible to change your ticket on hold and request a refund instead. You will then receive 25% of the full ticket value according to the established composition from the District Court. More information can be found at

My ticket is booked through my travel agency, how do I get my money back?

All customers, regardless of where they booked their ticket, are asked to fill in the form on our website. The refund will then be processed no later than July 2021.

Can refunds be requested via BSP?

No, due to the reconstruction BRA is not included in the BSP until further notice. The tickets that’s earlier been processed via BSP agent refund are therefore no longer in the system. These tickets needs to be handled in the same way as refunds for tickets on hold in general. Read more.

For travel agencies: Ticket status changed to R

Customers that has a still not flown ticket, booked with BRA can choose to either get a refund of 25% or to keep the ticket for later use.
For customers who still did not make their choice, or chose to keep their ticket, BRA has taken following action:
All tickets that are still open for usage and are issued before the reconstruction will be refunded into a value code (The ticket status will change from O to R)
Once BRA have resumed business the customer can request their value code and book their new ticket on BRA website.
Travel agencies should not take any action in this process.

How do I book my ticket on hold?

Contact our customer center as soon as we have opened our booking at BRA again and we will help to rebook your ticket. Your ticket on hold is valid until 30 September 2021.

I cannot find my booking number on my ticket on hold. What can I do?

Send an email to and we will help you. We need name, flight destination and date.

We have a ticket on hold. We understand that we can redeem the trip to any destination. Can you also change the place of departure?

Yes, it is possible to use your trip from any place of departure and to any destination.

I have a number of tickets on hold that I want to keep and rebook once you get started again. Do I have to fill in the form? Can´t I just wait, or will they disappear?

The tickets will remain until 30 September 2021 even if you don´t fill in the form. Please remember your booking reference as this makes it easier to find your flights when it is time for you to rebook your tickets.

When should you last make your choice regarding a ticket on hold or refund?

As soon as possible.

When do I need to book my tickets on hold when I want to use them?

You can book your tickets no later than 3 days before your intended departure and as soon as our booking reopens.

Can I wait to make my choice and still have the ticket on hold?

Yes, all tickets will remain on hold until 30 September 2021.

What will happen to customers' tickets and other preordered products until you start flying?

We will extend the dates for all tickets on hold, annual cards and punch cards so that our customers will not be affected. Right now, the tickets on hold are valid until September 30, 2021. Regarding annual cards, punch cards and points from our loyalty program, these will be extended the corresponding time as we have been in pause.

Can I book my ticket on hold from BRA at Air Gotland?

We don´t have any agreement with Air Gotland. You can use your ticket on hold once we are back flying again. The tickets will be valid until 30 September 2021 and can be transferred at no extra cost to another person. The tickets on hold can be used on our entire route network no matter what destination you had booked before.

I have an annual card that I want to keep but wonder what happens during the time the traffic has been paused?

Your annual card will be extended by the corresponding time we have been paused as soon as we start up our own flights again.

I want to know how much "value" is left on my annual card. How do I find out?

Send an email to and we will help you. We need your name and membership number.

I want to know how many clips I have left on my punch card. How do I find out?

Send an email to and we will help you. We need your name and membership number.

I need a receipt or equivalent proof of a flight I made with you. Can you help me with that?

Yes, send an email to with your booking number, name and date for the flight.

How many aircraft does BRA have?

We have 12 aircrafts of the model ATR-500/600.