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Sweden's biggest island is to many a summer paradise, regardless if you are staying in Visby or continuing your way on the island. The town wall in Visby and the cities restaurants, funny shaped sea stacks and saffron pancake. Beautiful old buildings and being close to the ocean, everywhere. Gotland is a place for both pulse and relaxation, regardless if you are visiting for the medieval times week, Almedalen, a calm day on the beach or to just breath in the ocean air!

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Event Calender Visby Gotland

Medieval times week, Almedalen, the Stockholm week,
live music or a beer & wine fair.

What happens on Gotland?

Fly nonstop to our big cities all year around!

There are always good reasons to travel; a weekend in the big city, to visit that best friend you haven´t seen in a long time or to enjoy a break in another city. Flying makes it fast and smooth.

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Electric car land of Gotland - good for the environment!

Gotland is Sweden's most charging compact region for electrical cars. Charging stations at excursion sites, hotels and cabin villages where visitors can charge their batteries, makes the electrical car as flexibel as a regular car. If you're not bringing your own car, you can rent one locally. Read more about the electrical car land of Gotland


To & From the Airport


During the summer (around 15 June - 14 August)m the Airport Coaches (Flygbussarna) operates between Visby Airport and Visby city center. The Airport Coaches on Gotland are operated by 100% biofuel to make the bus trip as green as possible.



Book a flight taxi for a trouble free transport to and from the airport. A flight taxi always run with a fixed rate, which let you know in advanc what the transfer will cost you. 

Taxi Kurir, +46 498 - 50 000
Taxi Gotland, +46 498 - 200 200
, +46 8 - 120 920 00


Framför terminalbyggnaden parkerar du gratis i 30 minuter med P-skiva. 

På långtidsparkeringen parkerar du gratis i 1 timme. Därefter är taxan (med reservation för felaktigheter):
Timme 10 kr, Dygn 100 kr, Vecka 500 kr, 14 dagar 700 kr
Månad 850 kr, Kvartal 1700 kr, Halvår 2400 kr 

Rental car

Located at the airport:

+46 498-21 98 10

+46 498-21 50 10

+46 498-24 85 50

+46 721-749 749

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The Airport - Contact Information

Visby Airport


Visby Airport
621 41 Visby