Service fees

Booking via  Cost
Braathens Regional Airlines Customer Center SEK 200 


Re-booking via  Cost
Braathens Regional Airlines Customer Center SEK 350* 

*Only charged if you booked through a travel agency/network travel agency


Ticket regulations

Ticket regulations

Cancellation Protection

With Cancellation Protection, you can cancel the ticket and receive a full refund for the ticket price in the event of acute illness or death of yourself or someone within your immediate family.

If you choose a flight ticket with BRA that cannot be canceled according to the ticket's rules, you have the option of adding Cancellation Protection to your booking at the time of purchasing your trip. It must be added to all passengers in the booking and is free of charge for children under the age of 2.

BRA recognize Husband/Wife/Registered partner, common-law Wife/Husband, Children, Parents, Parents-in-law, Siblings and Grandparents as immediate family.

Please note that you must cancel the ticket prior to 30 minutes of departure and be able to present a valid doctor’s certificate order for the Cancelation Protection to be valid.

ⓘ EXTRA and EXTRA BIO tickets include free cancellation and refund

The cancellation insurance is not applied if cancelling is due to: 

  • That the purpose with the trip has gone lost
  • Doctor visits or treatments that are planned prior to booking your ticket
  • A medical surgery that was scheduled prior to the purchase of the Cancellation Protection


How to apply for a refund:

  • A cancellation needs to be done at least 30 minutes prior to departure via contact with Braathens Regional Airlines. Outside of our operating hours, we accept e-mails that has been sent to us at least 30 minutes prior to departure. Please note that in these cases, a cancellation via our website is not working.
  • Contact us here for cancellations via email

    The certificate should be Braathens Regional Airlines at hand at least 30 days after the travel date. 
  • The certificate should be printed on the health care establishments letter-paper. The certificate should, in a clear way, show the passengers name and Social Security Number, the doctor's name and contact information and the illness or the reason to cancellation for the traveler date. We accept electronical doctor certificates, but they have to include the same information as stated above. Relationship certificates should be attached at applicable cases. 
  • Examples of common and accepted doctor certificates are from Försäkringskassan, district health care center on their letter-paper with their stamp, the Kry mobile application and Doktor 24. 
  • The cost for the cancellation insurance is not refundable. 

Inform us about allergies at the time of booking

Food allergies

The food served on-board does not contain nuts. If you are allergic, it is important that you know that the food can contain traces of nuts. We cannot guarantee that none of our passengers are bringing nuts on the flight. Therefore, it is necessary for you with an airborne nut allergy, to inform us about it well in advance prior to departure. This makes it possible for us to inform other passengers at the gate and on-board to not open any nuts on-board. 

Fur allergy

If you are allergic to fur animals, we kindly ask you to contact our Customer Center at the time of booking your ticket for us to be able to control if there are any animals on-board your flight. 

Find our contact details here.