Braathens Regional Airlines

Braathens Regional Airlines is owned by the investment company Braganza, totally owned by the family Per G Braathen. 

Braathens Regional Airlines's Key figures

Travellers: 2015: approx. 2.3 million
2016: approx. 2.2 million
2017: approx. 2.3 million
2018: approx. 2.2 million
Turn-over: 2015: 2.7 billion SEK
2016: 2.5 billion SEK
2017: 2.6 billion SEK
2018: 2.7 billion SEK
Turn-over after financial posts, before one-time posts: 2015: 33 million SEK
2016: -136 million SEK
2017: 18 million SEK
2018: -144 million SEK
Employees: 2015: approx. 1000 people (848 yearly employees)
2016: approx. 1000 people (854 yearly employees)
2017: approx. 1000 people (842 yearly employees)
2018: approx. 1100 people (873 yearly employees)
Punctuality: 2018: 87,3% (departure within 15 min)
2019: 93,1% (arrival within 15 min during 1 Jan - 1 Aug)
Regularity: Regularity shows the proportion of flights that have departed or for different reasons been cancelled. 
2018: 98,3% of Braathens Regional Airlines's flights departed as they should in 2018.
Weather related reasons were the most common reason to cancelled departures.
Market share: Braathens Regional Airlines has approx. 30% market share of the Swedish domestic aviation, in total.
Braathens Regional Airlines has approx. 40% market share on the flight lines Braathens Regional Ailines operates on.
Cabon factor/occupancy: 2018: Close to 70% for Braathens Regional Airlines's regular traffic. 


Flight lines

Braathens Regional Airlines mostly fly domestic within Sweden. On a yearly basis, the company has around 30 flight lines.

Customer Satisfaction

According to Swedish Quality Index (Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (SKI)), Braathens Regional Airlines's passengers were the most satisfied within Swedish aviation in 2016, 2017 2018 and 2019. 

NPS 50
Braathens Regional Airlines continously measure Net Promotor Score, NPS, an international standard for customer satisfaction. The dissatisfied customers' results are subtracted from the satisfied customers' positive results and an average are calculated. Braathens Regional Airlines has 50.


Climate compensation

Braathens Regional Airlines is the first commercial airline in the world that carbon offsets all their carbon dioxide emissions for all passengers, without any extra charges. It is done via Natural Capital Partners. Read more at


Bio fuel with Green Class

Since April 2018, Braathens Regional Airlines has offered their passengers, as the world's first airline, the option to choose fossil free bio fuel when booking their flights. Read more at


Environment certification

Already in 2009, Braathens Regional Airlines was environmental certified through the international standard ISO 14001, then as the world's first commercial passagenger airline. Read more at

Braathens Regional Airlines Directorate

Geir Stormorken

Carina Wång 

Ulrika Matsgård
Head of Commercials

Jimmie Bergqvist 
Chief Operating Officer

Malin Brandtvig
Head of HR

Michael Quist
Head of Process Development and IT

Birgitta Lundquist
Assistant to the Directorate

What is included in the ticket price?

excl. profit:

  • International security revisions
  • The airports' take off and landing fees
  • Air traffic control in the air space
  • The airports' noice fees
  • The airports' infrastructure fees
  • The airports' emission fees
  • The airports' passenger fees
  • The airports' baggage handling fees
  • Flight fuel
  • Company taxes and vat
  • Emission rights via EU-ETS
  • The governments flight tax
  • Environment certification
  • Carbon offset
  • Aircrafts
  • Certified staffing and service (pilots and cabin crew)
  • IT and booking system
  • Certified technicans and repair shop staff

Historical years

Braathens Regional Airlines has always been a predecessor. Did you know that in 2008, we were one of the first in the world with booking, cancellations, rebooking and check-in via a cell phone?

Back in the days, we had ideas about starting our own train operation between Sundsvall and Stockholm, and a shipping company for ferry services between Gotland and the main land. As you might be aware, none of that happened. 

And we have, actually, flown regular to and from Arlanda - but we thought that Bromma had a better location.


  • Braathens Regional Airlines operates a flight between Halmstad and Stockholm Bromma with a bio fuel mix, showing that the carbon dioxide emissions from the aviation can be reduced by 46% with the technology of today.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines decides to focus more on climate effective aviation and starts the phase out of their older jet aircrafts, on behalf of the propeller aircrafts ATR. 
  • The launch of Green Class makes it easier for everyone to choose a more climate smart flight.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines becomes the first airline to carbon offset all of their carbon dioxide emissions without any extra charges for the passengers. 
  • A new international flight line starts: Gothenburg - Lyon


  • Braathens Regional Airlines offers, as the first airline in the world, all their passengers fossile free bio fuel as an add-on.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines takes over some domestic flight lines after a few bankruptcies within the domestic aviation (Nextjet, Sparrow, BMI).


  • The airline and brand Braathens Regional Airlines, is launched after an organizational merge of several regional airlines within the same Swedish corporate group.


  • Flights from Bromma, Umeå, Skellefteå and Stavanger in collaboration with a travel organizer.


  • The airline Golden Air, founded in 1976, is incorporated in the business under the name Braathens Regional.
  • GI menues are introduced for some time onboard.


  • The company becomes one of the world's most punctual with 96,8% of the flights on time.
  • The airline Sverigeflyg with the subsidiaries Gotlandsflyg, Kullaflyg, Sundsvallsflyg, Blekingeflyg, Kalmarflyg and Fly Småland acquired by Braganza and Braathens Aviation.
  • The chef of the year, Tomas Diedrichsen, creates Christmas sandwiches to the onboard catering.
  • Meatless Mondays are introduced onboard as a step in the climate work. 


  • Sun and bath charter in-house is launched to Egypt and Lanzarote.
  • In April, the "ash cloud" hits Europe. The flight traffic is paralyzed for several days after the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökulls' eruption.


  • The airline Malmö Aviation is the first passenger airline in the world that becomes completely environment certified by ISO 14001. Later that year, more airlines are certified, like Sverigeflyg. Up until now, particular businesses within different airlines receive the environment certification, for example only the catering or a part of the technical and workshop business. 
  • Together with Swedish Wings of Europe and nine local businesses on Bornholm, Sverigeflyg establishes the company Wings of Bornholm, disused in 2010.


  • The first mobile service for booking, rebooking, cancellation and check-in is launched. The press release reads "First in Sweden - perhaps first in the world".


  • The Swedish holding company Braathens Aviation is founded by Braganza with the companies Malmö Aviation, Braathens Technical, Braathens Training and Braathens IT Solutions.
  • The flying activity notes 1 100 000 passengers.
  • The airlines Kalmarflyg and Fly Småland are founded.


  • The airline Blekingeflyg is founded.


  • The lounge at Stockholm Bromma Airport is inaugurated.
  • A bonus program for children, Bzzkids, is launched.
  • The airline Sundsvallsflyg is founded.


  • The airline Kullaflyg is founded.


  • Braathens is acquired by SAS and is unlisted from the Oslo stock market. The company name Braathens is phased out and the whole flight activity is incorporated in SAS.
  • Braganza keeps and continues with the flight and aerial navigation through Swedish Malmö Aviation.


  • The airline Gotlandsflyg is founded.


  • The Swedish airline Malmö Aviation, founded in 1981, is acquired by Braganza.


  • KLM buys 30% of Braathens.


  • 50% of the Swedish airline Transwede Airways founded in 1985, is bought by Braganza, the formal owner of Braathens. 


  • Scandinavian domestic aviation is deregulated and Braathens can start flying international on their own.
  • Braathens is listed on the Norwegian Oslo stock market.

60s, 70s & 80s

  • From 1969, the business is growing rapidly after the first jet plane is bought, a Boeing 737.
  • The company can fly international via other companies cabotages, but does not have their own.
  • In 1981, Malmö Aviation is founded but are included in Braathens.
  • Golden Air is founded in 1989 but is not included in Braathens.


  • From 1954 and forward, Braathens is forced to only fly domestic regional traffic withim Norway, since no international cabotages are issued to other airlines but SAS in Scandinavia.


  • The Norwegian airline Braathens S.A.F.E, South American & Far East Airtransport, is founded by the Norwegian shipowner Ludvig Gustaf Braathen, that also founds the company Braganza.