There are a number of possibilities to show your business, service or product to close to 200 000 passengers each month, in exclusive channels - everything from surfaces onboard our aircrafts to sampling and activities in our lounges. 

Onboard our aircrafts

  • Seatback top
    A space with a very high-level exposure. Is only available on our jet aircrafts. 
  • Seatback
    There are three advertisement spaces on our seats onboard. Impossible to miss. You will be one of three advertisers during a calender month. 
  • Tray tables
    At the top of all of our tray tabels, there is a well visible advertisement space. You will be the only advertiser on this space, and it is visible when the passenger folds down the tray table. 
  • In the seat pockets
    It is possible to fill our seat pockets on our aircrafts with brochures, product leaflets or maybe some candy or a give away. The only thing that limits the imagination, is the flight safety!

For questions or to book you advertisement, please contact


Event onboard or in our lounges
Join us up in the air and treat our passaengers to something extra. It could be food, beverage, snacks or why not a competition! A perfect way to launch a new product!

We have lounges at the airports in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, with plenty of possibilities for you to show your business or product at an event, via images or movies, with roll-ups etcetera. 

Please contact Linda at and she will tell you more! 

Rules for advertising on Braathens Regional Airlines advertising spaces
Braathens Regional Airlines has a legal framework that needs to be met for all content that are shown in our advertisement spaces. For example, we do not allow any advertisements from a rival business. We do not allow messages that can be perceived as offensive for our passengers. All advertisements are proofread and approved by Braathens Regional Airlines before publication.