Braathens Regional Airlines

With 2,2 million passengers each year, mostly business travellers, Braathens Regional Airlines has a market share of around 30%. 

According to Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index, EPSI Rating), Braathens Regional Airlines's customers are the most satisfied customers within Swedish aviation in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019!

The around 1100 Swedish coworkers are employed on Swedish conditions and live on the destinations in Sweden where Braathens Regional Airlines flies. 

As the only airline in the government initiative Fossil free Sweden, Braathens Regional Airlines actively works for a fossil free domestic flight. Together with the organization Svenska Flygbranschen (Swedish Flight Industry), Braathens Regional Airlines has submitted a road map for a fossil free flight in 2030. 

Braathens Regional Airlines is the first in the world to offer all travellers to choose bio fuel for a flight when booking. At the same time, new and modern airplanes with a lower emission have replaced older ones.

Most of our flights are flown on a low altitude, and straight flight routes are always prioritized. 

Already in 2009, Braathens Regional Airlines was environment certified as the world's first passenger airline. 

The brand Braathens Regional Airlines was established in 2016 after a merger of a number of regional airlines included in the same Swedish corporate group. The corporation's DNA stretches all the way back to the 1940's. Braathens Regional Airlines is owned by the Swedish investment corporation Braganza that are fully own by Per G Braathen and his family.

Some historical years

Braathens Regional Airlines is a modern airline that was formed in 2016 after a merger of several swedish regional airlines, that was already in the same swedish corporate group. The corporation's flight historical DNA stretches as far back as to the mid 1940's. 

The airline Braathens S.A.F.E (South American & Far East) is founded by the Norwegian and shipowner Ludvig Gustad Braathen.  

A cooperation agreement with the Icelandic airline Loftlaidir enables international passenger flights for Braathens S.A.F.E, that successfully has been focusing on Norwegian regional traffic.

50% of the Swedish airline Transwede Airways, founded in 1985, is bought by Braathens.

Swedish Malmö Aviation, founded in 1981, is bought by the Braathen family. 

Malmö Aviation and Braathens S.A.F.E is split up. Braathens is sold to SAS and Malmö Aviation continues with their traffic. The company name Braathen later returns to the Braathens family investment coperation Braganza. 

Malmö Aviation gets environment certified as the world's first passenger airline. Shortly after, more airlines around the world get environment certified.

The Braathen family buys the airline group Sverigeflyg with its subsidiary companies Gotlandsflyg, Kullaflyg, Sundsvallsflyg, Blekingeflyg, Kalmarflyg and Fly Småland. 

The airline Golden Air, founded in 1976, is incorporated in the corporate group. 

All airlines in the corporate group Braathens Aviation is merged under the new company name Braathens Regional Airlines, today one of Sweden's most well-known brands, more known as the domestic airline Braathens Regional Airlines